CIF Hellas

Council of international fellowship hellas

CIF Hellas (Council of International Fellowship Hellas) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit association. Greek alumni (social workers, special education teachers, youth leaders, psychologists etc.) of the Council of International Programs (CIP) USA founded CIF Hellas -the Greek National CIF Branch- in 1978.

Aims and objectives


Together with our international association, the Council of International Fellowship (CIF International) we contribute in the development of new methods for tackling social problems, and promote peace and better international understanding by:

What we do

CIF Hellas contributes to the training of social workers, special education teachers, psychologists and other professionals in the field of human and social sciences by:

CIF Hellas has hosted in cooperation with CIF International:

CIF Hellas has also successfully organized the following training events:


Participants of CIF Exchange Programs coming from Greece automatically qualify for membership to CIF Hellas.


CIF Hellas is managed and administered by former CIF/CIPUSA participants. Their voluntary work, combined with the contributions of host families, field agencies, friends of CIF Hellas and sponsors are critical to our success. More info »