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How to apply

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If you live in one of the following countries and are interested in the CIF International Exchange Programs try contacting your CIF National Branch or Contact Person if there is one. They will make sure to provide you with all the relevant details.

List of Countries with CIF National Branches:

Application form: pdf/41kb or doc/125kb

Please note, if your country has a National Branch, application for any CIF International Exchange Program must go through them. If you send your application directly to the country offering the program, it will be sent back to your National Branch, which will unavoidably cause delays.

You are also advised to contact your country's CIF branch in time - they are sure to have an earlier deadline than the one CIF branch offering the program you wish to apply for.

If you live in a country without a National Branch we would be happy to help forward your application. Download an application form or contact us with your questions and special requests.