CIF Hellas



CIF International holds biannual international conferences to refresh common goals and bonds amongst its members around the world. The history of these conferences goes back to the early sixties.

Continuity and the high level of acceptance over several decades indicate the attraction of these events.


METAKINESIS / A key concept for personal and global stabilization

Hosted by CIF Hellas, Hellenic Association of Social Workers
Kalamata, Greece
September 18. - 23. 2017
More info: CIF 2017


Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities, Transforming Yourself

Hosted by CIPUSA and CIF US
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A
July 23. - 27. 2007
More info: CIP Colombus


Building Bridges for Peace and Understanding

Bonn / Bad-Godesberg, Germany
July 25. - 31. 2005
More info: CIF Germany


Evolving Families of the 21st Century - A Social Work Challenge

Goa, India
February 2003
Although this conference was shadowed by the outburst of war in Iraq, the number of participants reached 135 from 22 different countries.
More info: CIF India


Diversity: A Resource or a Menace for the Third Millennium Society

Rome / Sassone, Italy
July 2001
More info: CIF Italy