CIF Hellas

CIF Hellas exchange program

Every two years CIF Hellas offers a four-week program that includes:

Introduction and orientation


The program begins in Athens where the participants live together during the first week, thereby giving them the chance to get to know each other and to get their first glimpse of Greek life and culture.

During this first week of the program an orientation seminar takes place on Greece and its history, political, legal, economic, educational and social services systems, trade unionism etc. Special emphasis is placed upon Greek social work, social policy, social welfare state and Greek culture.

The seminar is a combination of lectures, workshops, field visits, cultural events and discussions covering many topics so as to enhance participants understanding Greece and its culture. There are also opportunities for information and cultural exchange with fellow participants.

Fieldwork experience

Out in the Field

The second part of the program (approximately three weeks) is devoted to introducing the particular field of social work/social services selected by the participants. We can offer a wide variety of field placements mostly in the Athens metropolitan area, but also in different parts of Greece.

Participants are not expected to be fluent in Greek, which however limits the field experience to observation and orientation, rather than working directly with clients. Our aim nevertheless is to offer an experience that provides a broad and independent view of the field of the participant's choice.

Evaluation, reunion and farewell

The last 2-3 days of the program are used for evaluation, the sharing of experiences and bringing the program to an end including a farewell party.

Living with host families

During the three weeks of the program participants live with Host Families. Living with host families is an essential part of the program It is a good way of learning about family life in the country. The Host Families provide room and board free of charge, unless otherwise specified in the exact-detailed program.

Fees and deadline

The basic fee for participating in the CIF Hellas Exchange Program is €400. The deadline for applying to our 2008 program is the 1st of December 2007.

Read more in our latest brochure (pdf/600kb), and find out how to apply.