CIF Hellas

32nd CIF international conference in Greece

CIF 2017 Conference

The Council of International Fellowship CIF Hellas in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Social Workers will host the next CIF Conference of CIP USA, CIF & ISP alumni from the past 60 years.

For the second time in our history, we are ready to host a CIF International Conference. We are honored to take on this responsibility together with the CIF International Executive Committee.

CIF Hellas was founded in 1978. In June 2017 we are delighted to start celebrating together our 40th anniversary!

METAKINESIS A key Concept for Personal and Global Stabilization

Location and Time

The Planning Committee have chosen a facility that corresponds to the needs of a CIF International Conference as they are described in the special edition 'Guidelines for Proposing and Organizing a CIF International Conference' in the very charming city of Kalamata, at the southeastern Peloponnese.

We are very enthusiastic we were able to find the picturesque Elite hotel almost upon the sea shore, 4km far from the center of the city Kalamata known for its rich cultural life, the delicious local food products and the varieties of attractions for lovers of nature, art and history.

The hotel is accessible from the International Airport of Kalamata also by public transportation. For those who will decide to use Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport there will be the necessary provisions. Most of the rooms will be double, some triple will be available and there will be a good provision of single ones. Computer access and telephones will be also available.

The Conference will take place September 18-23 when the weather is warm with usually a pleasant breeze.


The program will include: keynote speeches, plenary sessions, workshops, agency visits and sightseeing. All activities of CIF International will be facilitated during the whole program. There will be time for enjoyment and fun either within the official program or according to the free time of the participants.

The academic program will be open for those who would like to submit a presentation or lead a workshop. Detailed information will be available at our website in due time.


Our goal is to try to keep the cost of participation as low as possible (500-550 euro), giving the opportunity to participate to the majority of CIF members and friends. For that reason, we keep on our efforts to fundraising from sponsors, collaborating organizations, and from organizers of various events (music, entertainment)

Post Conference Tours

We would definitely recommend a few post conference trips to various parts of Greece (mainland and islands) for those of the participants who want to stay a few extra days and visit some of the beautiful and interesting areas of our country. Details will be announced in due time and again we will try to keep the cost as low as possible.

More information will follow in the next World News edition. Join us in September 2017!

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